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ShenZhen City LeiYue Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 1998, professional committed to the industry, automobile, the application of the adhesive, thermal conductivity, conductive products such as electronic solutions, as well as the material research and development, manufacturing, sales, is the core in the United States 3M company in China agent and authorization processors.
Our products mainly include: protective
films,thermally conductive tape, polyimide high tempeaturetape, polyester high temperature tape,ESD Tape, high tempeature ESD tape, teflon tape,PTFE coated glass fabric tape, glass cloth tape,PET tape, adhesive transfer tape, VHB tape,Double-sided Foam Tape,wafer dicing tape,etc.Our tapes gain a great popularity and can be applied in mobile phone, computer, semi-conductor, electronic, LED, home appliance, telecommunication, automobile and printin



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