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Application of 3M double faced adhesive in building

Application of 3M double faced adhesive in building

3M double-sided adhesive in building applications Chinese adhesive industry developed rapidly, especially after 1980, with access to a large number of foreign companies and joint ventures, with a large number of advanced technology and production equipment, and constantly create competitive adhesive products.

3M double-sided adhesive glue market now, according to the quality of products can be divided into three levels. The high-end monopolized international well-known brands, mostly in the China factories, for example, the United States 3M, Henkel, Germany Luo Man, Japan soken chemical, ensequence, BASF, Dow Corning, Taiwan four, Asian chemical, and another part is not in the Chinese factories well-known brands, including France, America, Huasai the United States, Japan and other rubber water; in the end is a domestic and foreign well-known enterprises the advantages of common enterprises occupy, which domestic enterprises including Beijing organic chemical, chemical, adhesive, Oriental Guangzhou Baiyun geliahao group, Shunde Huarun, Xi'an, Chengdu Wuhan Zhengguang technology and Heilongjiang Petrochemical Research Institute, foreign enterprises mainly for South Korea and Taiwan small and medium sized enterprises in China; for the low-end domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, including Hong Kong, Macao and China township enterprises, mainly concentrated In the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Beijing Tianjin Tangshan region.

3M double-sided adhesive products application industry: adhesive products in accordance with the application industry can be divided into: building adhesive products, packaging adhesives and other adhesive products.

1. Building adhesive products

The industry uses a large amount of glue, accounting for about 52% of the total output of adhesive products. It is mainly divided into three categories: decoration, sealing and structure. Based on the decoration industry glue in these three categories, accounting for more than 90% building glue, glue for silicone and polyurethane adhesive is mainly used, each accounted for 1/3 of the domestic supply is limited, but also rely on imports; structural adhesives in recent years of rapid growth, the products have been exported.

2, packing adhesive products and other industry glue

At present, paper packaging has become China's adhesive market second major consumer areas, accounting for about 13% of total adhesive products market demand. Footwear industry ranks third, accounting for 9% of the total demand. The rest are widely used in industry, aviation, aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, textiles, chemicals, light industry, medical, agriculture, culture and education, sports, household and other industries. In the automotive industry for example, in recent years, with the rapid development of China's automobile industry, glue consumption increased year by year trend of automobile, is the largest amount of PVC plastisol, asphalt base glue and chloroprene rubber, in recent years, PU glue and hot sol in the automotive industry also has a large number of applications. .


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