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3M double-sided adhesive paste in various industries

3M double-sided adhesive tape is very heat and corrosion resistance, even in the case of temperature changes, but also to maintain a stable adhesion; and 3M double-sided adhesive on the metal, gold-plated, plastic, wood, paper and organic Silicon, plastic and other difficult to paste the surface has a very good adhesion; absorption of external shock, vibration and noise effect is outstanding.
3M double-sided adhesive paste can also prevent the corrosion between different metals, with high adhesion, high and low temperature environment, good adhesion and durability. In addition, in the bonding operation must be properly done.
3M double-sided adhesive paste in various industries applications:

1, enhance the car layout, tightening rust, heat insulation and surface decoration;

2, fixed printed circuit board reinforcement plate, assembly of air conditioning, furniture, vending machine reinforcement material;

3, aircraft and aeronautics in the field of aircraft manufacturing and assembly;

4, paste the ad with a panel or text, a variety of racks;

5, paste the microwave oven door panels, air conditioning front panel;

6, the assembly of railway vehicles inside and outside the panel, electric board or escalator reinforcement steel plate;

7, the assembly of household appliances, metal plate stiffeners fixed.

8,3M double-sided adhesive stickers in the use of the car layout: 3M double-sided adhesive stickers can play to enhance the car layout, tightening rust, heat insulation and surface decoration effect, but also can replace some parts of the welding , Riveting and other traditional methods, to complete the same or not the same data between the convergence, simplify the production process, optimize the product layout effect. For the automotive industry, 3M glue has its own particularity, in the car lightweight, energy saving, extended service life and progressive function, the adhesive and its bonding sealing skills play an increasingly important effect.


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